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Delft Style Shop

What is the Delft Style Shop about?

At the Delft Style Shop, we specialize in creating unique wall decor, in ceramic tiles with a refined and delicate quality. Each of our tiles is hand decorated to assure that the selection of the colored glazes result in a beautiful and lasting design

Most of our tile decor are designed to be installed as to accent an area or a wall, this includes our hand pressed flowers. The larger the wall area the more impressive the appearance. Home Decor is an expression, an art form, allowing our tiles and our accent pieces to be installed according to your imagination. The Delft Style Shop produces multi colored flowers such as the black rose and yellow and red rose. These decor tiles gives a three dimensional appearance because of its deep sculptured design. Our ceramic flowers may also be used as standalone tiles or accent tiles for a kitchen backsplash or a border on any interior wall. Our corner motif Designs inspired by Delftware decoration, example, "Fleur De Lis", are also used to dress up a door or window casing, a fireplace surround or base mouldings. We have seen these tiles used on the back wall of interior glass front kitchen cabinets, the space below the cabinets and the counter, the walls of a utility room.

The Delft Style Shop also produces ceramic tile accent pieces allow you to mix it up with all standard wall tiles, creating a textured wall decor surface according to your taste. This makes a statement of who you are! We have designed a variety of ceramic accents, liners, ceramic spheres and buttons that you can incorporate into your installation according to your personal taste and color palette. Instead of using grout, you can install these stay in place tile liners and ceramic spheres and buttons, This type of installation is not waterproof, we suggest you not install in areas such as shower stalls. or areas subjected to extreme moisture.

At the Delft Style Shop, we have created multi colored and single colored designs, predominantly in the Delft Blue style. We also have a selection of tiles decorated in 24 carat gold. Our home decor collection of tiles shall no doubt make a statement of elegance in your home or business.

The ultra fine ceramic glaze powder used to decorate the tiles are carefully selected from a long standing group of ceramic frit makers. All of these fine companies we have the pleasure to work with, are over 100 years old. The selected ceramic colors are kiln fired at pre-tested temperatures for brilliance. After the firing process, the glaze melts into the glaze body that becomes permanent.

Feel free to have a look at the products our tile shop has to offer.